Do Pregnancy Medical Clinics Make a Difference for Abortion-Determined Women?

Pregnancy medical clinics make a positive difference in abortion-determined women’s lives by providing them with free medical services, programs, and community referrals. Through this support, many abortion-minded women will decide to choose life for their precious babies.

At The HOPE Center, we are passionate about making a difference in abortion-determined women’s lives and pray you would consider partnering with us!

Why Do Women Choose Abortion?

Abortion is not an empowering choice. Many women choose it because they feel it’s their only option to avoid hardship or violence, or they’re afraid of their partner or the impact having a baby will have on their future. They may even feel pressured or coerced.

Perhaps they have an absent partner, significant financial burdens, or they’re overwhelmed with multiple children already and don’t know how they can take care of another. 

One hard reality of abortion is that it doesn’t solve any underlying issues in a woman’s life. It won’t fix her financial position, her abusive relationship, or make her life less overwhelming. It adds another layer of complication and pain to her already complicated circumstances. 

How Pregnancy Medical Clinics Stand in the Gap

Pregnancy medical clinics welcome women from all walks of life and backgrounds with open arms. They first provide for the client’s most pressing need: pregnancy confirmation. 

Through pregnancy testing and ultrasound, women will know for sure they are pregnant and will have the opportunity to see their babies with their own eyes. According to  NIFLA, 80% of abortion-minded women will choose life after seeing their baby via ultrasound.

Pregnancy medical clinics come alongside women to help provide for their other critical needs as well. They can help women apply for Medicaid, find housing or employment, and receive prenatal care. These clinics also provide women with materials, such as free diapers, formula, parenting classes, and necessary baby items. Many offer emotional and moral support through counselors and small groups.

Clinics like our Options Medical Clinic stand in the gap for women. While many argue that abortion-determined women have no choice, we disagree. We make parenting possible by finding real solutions for the pressure, burdens, and real-life problems they have and letting them know they’re not alone during this time.

Additionally, once they have confirmed a life decision, The HOPE Center offers continued education and support to expectant moms and their partners through their child’s second birthday.

Support Women in Woodstock and Atlanta

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Through our life-affirming services, many women in Woodstock and Atlanta will say “yes” to life for their babies, but we couldn’t do it without you!

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