Prayer Partner

Become a prayer partner for at-risk women through HOPESYNC!

HOPESYNC is an exciting partnership that allows those who sign up to be Prayer Partners, the opportunity to pray in “REAL TIME” as our Advocates meet with at-risk women! When the advocate has an abortion minded or vulnerable client on her schedule, and the client is being greeted in the lobby, she sends out a text that reads: “Please pray for Options Medical Clinic advocate (name) and the client who is considering abortion.” Then, following the appointment, the advocate sends a follow up text that asks the Prayer Partners to continue to pray, if the client remains vulnerable to abortion, OR what we hope will often be this text: “Please join Options Medical Clinic and (advocate’s name) in joy for a mother who chose life!”

We have already seen amazing results as our advocates have been covered in prayer while they fight for the unborn. In our first week of launch alone, we saw THREE WOMEN make life decisions! In addition it has been a huge blessing to the advocates, knowing that they and their clients are being prayed for as they meet. We are so excited for this new opportunity for our supporters. We would like to ask YOU to sign up to be a Prayer Partner today! On average, we have been seeing one to two clients a day who are abortion minded or vulnerable. Should you want to opt out at any time, you can. Thank you so much for considering being a Prayer Partner for The HOPE Center! If you have any questions about our prayer ministry please email Sandi Welborn at

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