Earn While You Learn

We know raising a baby is a big responsibility that comes with a lot of questions and financial concerns. Our Earn While You Learn program exists to equip parents for the road ahead. When pregnant moms enroll in the program, they begin attending one-on-one classes covering many prenatal and parenting topics. Their enrollment and participation in class is rewarded with “Mommy Money” that can be used to purchase needed items for both mom and baby.

Earn While You Learn Classes

Our Earn While You Learn program begins when a pregnant mom decides to enroll and continues for expectant families throughout pregnancy and until their child’s second birthday. The program content includes preparation for childbirth, parenting topics and even life skills. We have classes available for both English and Spanish speaking clients. Classes are typically an hour in length.

The baby’s father is more than welcome to attend the classes, but must be accompanied by the mother.

Perhaps as important as the program content is the support the parents find through their advocates at The HOPE Center – a community that will be there for them and cheer them on as milestones are celebrated in both their lives and their children’s lives.

Mommy Money

By enrolling and participating in the Earn While You Learn program, moms (and dads) will be rewarded with Mommy Money that can then be spent on baby essentials to help them prepare for baby’s arrival and carry them through their first two years. Items include: diapers, wipes, formula, a car seat, a crib, bottles, toiletries, clothes, and more.

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