Parenting Partnership Program

The Parenting Partnership Program is available to our clients who are pregnant, first-time parents, or families in need of additional parenting support regardless of their choice to place their baby for adoption or to parent. It is ideal for our clients to begin the program while in their 1st or 2nd trimester, as this allows them to get the most out of their mentorship. Enrolled families will have the opportunity to gather information concerning pregnancy, nutrition, budgeting, child development, and parenting. Our Parenting mentorship program is designed to empower our clients to take responsibility as they set goals and to help them obtain the relationships, support, and basic supplies needed for their family and children.

Each session our clients complete earns them “Baby Bucks” which can be “spent” in our client resource boutique and our Seeds Thrift Boutique store. Once a client’s child is born, they may continue in the parenting mentorship program until their child “graduates” from the program after the child’s 2nd birthday.

Our Parenting Partnership Program begins when a pregnant mom or father of the baby enrolls, and continues throughout the pregnancy until their child’s second birthday. The program content includes preparation for childbirth, parenting topics and life skills. We have classes available for both English and Spanish speaking clients. Classes are typically an hour in length.

Perhaps as important as the educational portion of the program, is the support the parents find through their mentors at The HOPE Center – a community that will be there for them and cheer them on as milestones are celebrated in both their lives and their children’s lives.

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