How Do I Become Involved with a Pregnancy Medical Clinic in Woodstock, GA?

Whether you have been involved with pregnancy medical clinics for decades, or you have recently learned about the pregnancy medical clinic concept, there is a pressing need for involvement in local pregnancy medical clinics.

The beauty of the pro-life movement is that every talent can be used to save lives. Whether you are an accountant, lawyer, bricklayer, nurse, or artist, your talents and gifts can be used to help pregnancy medical clinics. Here in Woodstock, we are asking for individuals to use their giftings to help The HOPE Center / Options Medical Clinic. Our clinic is on the front lines of the pro-life movement, helping women and men have the confidence, tools, and community necessary to choose life. Without dedicated donors and volunteers, our work would not be possible. 

How The HOPE Center Impacts Woodstock

The city of Woodstock and the surrounding areas have hundreds of young women each year who contemplate abortion. Each of these women has unique, and often difficult circumstances that play into their pregnancy decision. Some of these women choose abortion, and some of these women choose life.

We believe that the free resources, strong community, and abundance of hope received at Options Medical Clinic can empower women to have clarity when thinking about their pregnancy decision. Oftentimes, a woman simply needs someone to look them in the eyes and tell them they are capable of being a great mom. At Options Medical, we want to be a source of hope for women and men in situations where abortion is a real possibility.

However, our caring staff can only do so much. We need the support and giftings of a community to impact every abortion-minded woman in Woodstock. We are asking people like you to come alongside us in our efforts to support women and unborn children.

How You Can Partner With Us

Ask yourself the following question, “What am I best at?” “In what ways have I served others with joy?” When you have your answer apply it to the pro-life movement. Almost certainly, you can utilize your unique giftings to help Options Medical Clinic reach more abortion-minded women.

We are always looking for talented volunteers to help our center. We often have specific needs that need to be met, but our ears are always open to people volunteering their talents. Whether you are creative, administrative, or anything in between, we need you.

To our donors, thank you for your generous gifts. Without those gifts, we could not exist. However, it is possible that God is asking you to play a bigger role in the fight to defend life? We are asking for YOUR help. 

If you are interested in serving at The HOPE Center, call us today: 770-924-7990. Donate to us today.

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