An Adoption Story – God’s Gift

I am often amazed and overwhelmed at the depth of need and hurt that accompanies many of our clients. It makes me so grateful that God has given us this work to do, but he has not left us alone in our service. He is never overwhelmed.

I shared previously about a client named K. She was referred to us by a Stephen-type Ministry at a local church. The Stephen minister felt she needed additional support having never dealt with such layers of need. We met one morning in March. I was immediately drawn to K. She was bright and articulate and loaded with pain. As she shared her story with me my heart was broken. She had had several abortions already. She thought it would be a good idea to do it again saying that “it wasn’t so bad”. As I shared the symptoms of Post Abortion Syndrome they resonated with her. Her PAS displayed itself in risky behavior—cocaine, alcohol abuse, poor self worth, multiple abortions, a husband incarcerated and the father of the baby gone. These all point to PAS. With each abortion the woman often becomes emotionally numb. She certainly fit that one. She left me extremely abortion minded but considering placing her baby for adoption.

Many things occurred over the next several months. I spoke with K by phone. She spoke with one of our mentors who had walked in her shoes. The Stephen-type minister maintained contact with her and her mom. God directed her steps– even though she still has not crossed the line of faith in Christ, he is guiding her. She is beginning to open up to the truth of the gospel. She decided to place the baby for adoption. Through completely miraculous circumstances, God provided a Christian mom to adopt her baby. Several weeks ago I had the privilege of going to the hospital to see K and her little miracle. She is a beautiful, healthy baby girl. K hugged me and thanked me for the service that The HOPE Center had given her. She said, “You were there when I needed you most.”

K was radiant. She knew she had done something extraordinary and selfless. She felt good about what she had done. Later that day, I was blessed to meet the baby’s adoptive mom. She threw her arms around me and said, “Thank you for saving my baby!” We cried as we marveled over the work of God to bring us to this place. Over and over God made a way for K and for her baby. The circumstances are undeniable that God had a plan. It was an experience of a lifetime. We don’t often see such obvious in-your-face fruit at the center. Our fruit grows slowly most often over time. I felt like I had seen Lazarus being raised from the dead. It is a reminder to me that God can do anything. There is no pit that is so deep that His arm is not longer and stronger. He is my Rescuer…K’s Rescuer! He can take any situation and turn it to good. I stand in awe of His power and greatness!

Please join us in praying for K. Her battle is not over. I cannot imagine the grief of placing a baby for adoption. Pray that she will soon see the Truth for her very own. Pray for the other K’s that are right outside our door—and maybe your door. Pray they will be drawn to The HOPE Center and ultimately to man’s only hope, Jesus. Pray that we will be faithful to love with His heart, to hear with His ears, and to act with His hands.

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