The Heart of Ultrasound

A client came for an ultrasound who had had five pregnancies, three children, one abortion, one miscarriage, and now pregnant with her sixth.

When I asked her what she thought about this pregnancy she said, ‘I’ve resolved myself to the fact that I am pregnant, I just want to get it over with.’ (She was 18 weeks and had not had a pregnancy test.)

She seemed totally detached from her child. She told me that her mother wanted her to have an abortion early in her ‘pregnancy’ even though she was in denial about the whole thing. She told me that her mother even pushed her to have an abortion. I think her denial was used by the Lord to protect this baby. She just never accepted the pregnancy enough to do anything about terminating the pregnancy.

She told me she was looking for a job and had been employed as an assistant on the cardiac floor in the hospital where she had previously lived. Her eyes lit up as she talked about how much she loved cardiac care. She had just finished CNA training and stated she really wanted to be a cardiac nurse. I encouraged her that God had placed that dream and passion in her heart and that the cardiac area needed people who were passionate.

As I began the ultrasound, the Lord prompted me to scan the heart. I quickly obeyed and asked the client, ‘What do you see?’ She replied, ‘My baby’s heart.’ We watched in awe as the clearest image of a heart I have ever seen blipped on the screen. I stayed on the heart for a while, just letting the images sink in. It was a holy moment. She watched in awe. Then this precious little one began to dance. It flipped and wiggled and moved like no other I have seen. It was certainly something to see!

As the ultrasound came to a close, I asked her what she was thinking now that she had seen her baby. With tear-filled eyes she said, ‘I am excited!’ There was a sparkle in her eyes and a glimmer of a connection with her baby. Please join me in praying for her that God will use that ultrasound picture with ‘I’m excited!’ written on the top to continue to grow her love for this baby.”

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